John Dennis OBE

I have known Jess Dilley for about 10  years and used CPA Services for radiator repairs and also to manufacture two veteran radiators complete for my Berliet Curtiss and Astro Daimler cars. The Berliet is frequently raced and hill-climbed, and despite the rigorous use, the radiator holds up well.”

CP shot (11)

Jonathan Woodhead

“Jess Dilly, and his company  CPA Services, to whom I have known and used over at least a 10 year period, for Radiator Restoration, have given consistent excellent service, with great attention to detail, every time.
Jess has always recommended before starting a radiator job, the best way in his opinion, to tackle the job, with the customers best interests at heart. He has discussed with me each job, in detail before he has been given the go ahead.
His dedication, and profesional approach, to radiators sometimes of irreplaceable value, he has treated each job exactly the same each time, and recommended either repair if possible, or at the last resort a complete re-core.
For the amount of work involved, he has turned around all his work in good time, with a level of workmanship second to none, with  excellent value for money delivery.
I would recommend anytime, to anyone with a radiator problem of any category, to use Jess and his company, as you will be sure of an excellent service, delivered on time at a cost, that more than reflects the work, and thought considerations that he puts into all of his work.
Jess is a true ambassador for  his work in Radiator Restoration.”